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FORESTOR pioneered the moving horizontal log-band mill technology. Since the launch of the first machines in 1954, FORESTOR band mills have established a reputation as one of the Worlds foremost manufacturers of saw milling equipment from England. With about 25 000 machines manufactured so far, FORESTOR is the world's leading manufacturer of band sawmills. Over the 50 plus years since the development of the first FORESTOR band sawmill the range of FORESTOR Band mills has won popularity with customers almost World-wide primarily for their professional quality of workmanship, high productivity, innovation in the sawmill sector - and 'indestructibility'.

PILOUS was established in 1994. Since in that year launching its first metal cutting band saw. The company has undergone dramatic development resulting in a wide variety of models of metal cutting band saws that ranges from small portable machines to industrial CNC automatic machines. Approximately 80 % of the production is now exported to over 40 countries. Initially most sales were to East and West Europe, but markets based on reputation and price competitiveness has grow to include to North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. With the present production of metal cutting band saws now at 2500 machines per year, PILOUS ranks among the major and best-quality world producers of this type of machines.

Based on its experience with metal cutting band saws PILOUS in 1998 launched its first log band saws. The annual production is now well over 250 machines in various different configurations and models per year. You can find PILOUS Band mills on almost aIl continents. PILOUS products have won recognition on the world markets chiefly on account of their superior quality of design, manufacture and ruggedness at unbeatable prices.

FORESTOR and PILOUS decided to forge a manufacture and marketing co-operation. The range of band saw mills from both companies will be marketed under a joint trademark FORESTOR-PILOUS. The combination of the FORESTOR and PILOUS band sawmills complement each other in the best possible way. This co-operation will result in the widest band mill range from a single manufacturing source worldwide, ranging from the small portable machines up to highly productive industrial multi-cut units sIl at unbeatable prices.

"ALCOBRONZ Engineering" is the sole agent for Sri Lanka and Maldives.

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